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A radical reduction in gun violence is within reach.

At CRED, we take a multifaceted approach to reducing gun violence, one proven to work in other cities. To create lasting change we work directly with the individuals who are most likely to carry a gun or get shot, and with the communities where gun violence is most concentrated. Through Street Outreach, Coaching & Counseling, Workforce Development, and Advocacy & Prevention we lift young men and women, and rally neighborhoods to dramatically rewrite the story of gun violence in Chicago.

Our Goal: Reduce Gun Violence by 80% in five years.

The goal is ambitious. But we believe it is attainable. We are tailoring a model that has shown positive results in other cities. And the young men we work with demonstrate that they are eager to create a new story, by escaping the cycle of retribution and systemic gun violence.

That means a 20% reduction in gun violence annually.

By 2025, we see the South and West sides of Chicago with a restored sense of safety and renewed hope. Progress is being made. But the pace of reductions must accelerate.

CREDMADE is CRED’s social enterprise, created to jump start the local economy and create career opportunities in Chicago’s neglected neighborhoods. CREDMADE is a contract packaging business that provides flexible, custom solutions to the food industry.  We offer high-speed, automated packaging, custom-tailored re-pack and kitting, and fulfillment services from a Class A warehouse in the heart of Chicago.

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